Grueninger Family

Coat of Arms of the Haecker Familiy

The Family Crerst of the Haecker Family
(from Iptingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany)

Source: General-Index of genders carrying family crests
Dochtermann's archive of coat of arms Nr. 9/652

Bartlin Haecker, born around 1510, farmer in Iptingen (Wuerttemberg).
Barthlin Haecker, born around 1540 in Iptingen, mayor in Iptingen (Wuerttemberg).

Shield A blue wave-beam in a golden shield. Above two crossed hoes in blue with the hoe-sticks pointing down. Below a blue mill-wheel.
Helm On the helm two blue dressed arms, in both hands crossed, the left over the right, a vacillating golden hoe.
Mantling blue and gold