Grueninger Family

Coat of Arms and own-brands of the Berstecher Family

The Family Crest of the Berstecher & Beerstecher Family
(from Kuppingen & Bondorf, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany)

Progenitor of the Berstecher & Beerstecher family is Martin Berstecher from Kuppingen (close to Herrenberg), with his son Andreas Berstecher, who married in 1565 Catharina Weisshar.

A great-grandson of above mentioned Andreas Berstecher was Johannes Beerstecher (*1641, †1716), who was pastor in Bondorf from 1681 untill his death in 1716. This Johannes Beerstecher brought with his move from Kuppingen to Bondorf at the same time the gender of the Beerstecher family to Bondorf.

Noteworthy is, that so far four marriages arose between Grueninger from Tuebingen & Nagold and the Berstecher family from Kuppingen & Bondorf:

Johann Christoph Grueninger
Pastor in Weilheim a.N
* Tuebingen 11.10.1679
† Weilheim a.N. 09.07.1743
in Tuebingen
Maria Barbara Beerstecher
* Bondorf 24.03.1685
† Weilheim a.N. 29.08.1719
Wilhelm Christian Grueninger
Shoemaker master and merchant
* Nagold 09.11.1872
† Nagold 16.07.1963
in Nagold
Heinrike Berstecher
* Nagold 20.11.1873
† Stuttgart 23.05.1927
in Nagold
Martha Johanna Berstecher
* Nagold 10.11.1880
† Nagold 22.09.1934
Ingeborg Ursula Grüninger
from Bondorf
in Bondorf
Karl Dieter Beerstecher
from Bondorf