Grueninger Family

The Origin of the Grueninger Family

The meaning of the family names
Grueninger / Groeninger / Grieninger:

These family names denote most likely the origin of the family, a toponym for Grueningen, Groeningen, Markgroeningen etc. of which many exist. "Grien" is the upper german dialect (phonetic) version of "Gruen" (green), and "Groen" is another dialect (phonetic) version of "Gruen" (green).

The famous german printer and publisher Hans Grueninger (*1455, †1533) - alias Johann Reinhard - named himself after his hometown Markgroeningen (documentary first mention "Grueningen", colloquial "Groeningen" at present), which is close to Ludwigsburg in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

"Grien" has a further meaning in "middle" german. It means "soil with gravels" and "sandy bank" respectively.

Source: DUDEN Family Names, and Derivation Dictionary of german Family Names

In "Baden-Wuerttemberg", Germany

The Grueninger Family of Tuebingen
probably originates from the "Gaeu" (a geographical area in Baden-Wuerttemberg).
A connection between Ottmar Grueninger from Herrenberg - who was 1573 in Tuebingen - and Jakob Grueninger (
before 1575) can't be proven by the church register of Tuebingen. This connection might have existed however, as descendants of Jakob repeatedly married within the "Gaeu" - e.g. in Hailfingen, Gueltstein, Altingen, and Echterdingen.
It is remarkable that in 1561 a Lena Grueninger (daughter of Jakob Grueninger from Konstanz) married Ulrich Schraem (son of Hans Schraem from Ehingen) in Tübingen.
Further, a relationship with the Grueninger family in Winnenden can also not be excluded. Erasmus Grueninger married in 1592 Agnes Kommerell (a daughter of Fabian Kommerell), while a daughter of Ottmar Grueninger married a son of subject Fabian Kommerell in 1573.
The surname Grueninger also appeared in Reutlingen around 1600, characteristically with the first name "Jakob".
A famous descendant of the alderman Grueninger family in Tuebingen is the former german federal chancellor Helmut Schmidt.
Bibliography: Court & Council in Tuebingen, R. Seigel
Bibliography: The southwest german ancestors of the former german federal chancellor Helmut Schmidt

The Grueninger Family of Nagold
stems from the Grueninger family of Tuebingen. After settlement of Johann Wendel Grueninger (*1692, 1767) - son of Johann Jakob Grueninger (*1664, 1739), butcher and innkeeper in Tuebingen - Nagold evolved as an ancestral seat of the Grueninger family. The descendants of Johann Wendel Grueninger still live in Nagold as well as in many other cities.

The Grueninger Family of Reutlingen
The surname Grueninger in Reutlingen - an old ancestral seat of the family - was spelled in the past also Groeninger. The name reminds of a town Grueningen or Groeningen, of which many exist.
From one of these towns the Grueninger family of Reutlingen could have immigrated to Reutlingen. The surname Grueninger is mentioned in Reutlingen the first time in 1372 .
In 1349 an alley in Heilbronn was called "Derer von Grueningen". In documents of the cloister Heiligenkreuztal close to Riedlingen, a Konrad Grueninger is mentioned in 1351.
In Reutlingen, a Hans of Groeningen together with his son Konrad is mentioned in 1407.
In 1484, a Hans Grueninger, and in 1522 a Veit Grueninger is quoted.
In documents of Stuttgart, a Hans Grueninger, mayor of Cannstatt, is cited in 1646.
With the beginning of the modern times, two Grueninger families occur in Reutlingen. A wealthy tradesman Grueninger family, and a cooper Grueninger family.
The starting point of the cooper family - Johannes Grueninger, married to Anna Betz around 1570 - can't be easily related to the tradesman family Grueninger any more.
The tradesman family Grueninger starting point is Hans Grueninger, a clothier. His sons were Stephan and Jakob. Stephan did marry in 1580 Anna Maria Stirmle.
Bibliography: The old Families of Reutlingen

Die Grueninger Family of Winnenden
The respectable family stems most likely from Leutenbach (close to Winnenden), as Martin Grueninger (* around 1490/95, † between 1537/44) - mayor of Winnenden - owned parts of the "Köchlis"-fiefdom, which was already in possession of the Grueninger family of Leutenbach generations before. This Martin is also quoted in the gender-register of the Andreae Family from 1644, who was married to Elisabeth Braun. They had four childs: Martin (*1521, †1591, schoolmaster and town clerk in Winnenden), Margarete, Erasmus (*1523, †1613, mayor and alderman in Winnenden), and Anna.
The son of Erasmus Grueninger (mayor) was the famous provost and court chaplain in Stuttgart Erasmus Grueninger (*1566, †1632). He was also the benefactor of the Grueninger foundation for studies. Margaretha Grueninger (*1551, †1588) - the daughter of the mayor Martin - married the professor of mathematics in Tuebingen and the astronomer Michael Maestlin (*1550, †1631), which was at the same time the most important teacher and friend of Johannes Kepler - a key figure in the scientific revolution.
Two granddaughters of the mayor Erasmus Grueninger and daughters of reverend Josua Grueninger (*1554, †1633) married members of the famous theologian family Andreae.
Barbara (*1588) married the reverend Johannes Andreae (*1588, †1620). Agnes Elisabeth (*1592) married the theologian and poet Johann Valentin Andreae (*1586, †1654).
Bibliography: Schauer, Eberhard (1990): The commencements of the Grueninger Family in Winnenden.
Bibliography: Gender-Register Andreae 1644, and Genealogia doctoris Jacobi Andreae

The Grueninger Family of Entringen / Herrenberg
The Grueninger Family of Herrenberg stems from Entringen and belonged to the respectability at that time. In 1462 the first verifiable denotation of a Jakob Grueninger (* ca. 1440) is made. He founded together with his wife Lugga at the parish church in Entringen a second "Kaplanei", the so called "Grueninger"-benefice. His son Johann (Hans) Grueninger (* before 1460, † before 1509) was governor of the benefice of Ehingen and had the following childs: Agnes , Martin (presumably the mayor Martin Grueninger in Rottenburg), Ottmar (mayor and alderman in Herrenberg), Jakob (mayor in Entringen), and Conrad (canon of the charitable foundation in Ehingen).
Barbara Grueninger (*1560, †1635), a granddaughter of Ottmar Grüninger, married the famous ducal master builder in Wuerttemberg Heinrich Schickardt (*1558, †1635).
A connection to the Grueninger Family of Winnenden could be assumed, as amongst other the coats of arms do resemble. The coat of arms of Martin Grueninger (the presumable mayor of Rottenburg) shows a leaf in the targe. Further, Stefan Grueninger (deputy magistrate in Stuttgart, son of Jakob, mayor in Entringen) had a big leaf in the targe of his signet.

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The Grieninger Family of Pforzheim
Johann Grieninger was mayor of Pforzheim and is a progenitor of the respectable alderman and pharmacist family Grieninger in Pforzheim. His son Michael Joachim Grieninger (*1538, †1606) was pharmacist and alderman in Pforzheim. With his first wife Barbara Beyschlag - which he married in 1561 - he had 14 children. He married his second wife Dorothea Wohnecker in 1600. His great-grandson Johann Georg Grieninger (*1642, †1695) from his first marriage was senator in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The Coat of Arms of the Grieninger family from Pforzheim shows a black dressed man with a golden belt, golden supplements, a rose wreath on his head, and with a green bough in his right hand in a silver targe.

The Grueninger Family of Welzheim / Weißenburg
Albrecht Grueninger (†1657), mayor and alderman in Weissenburg (Bavaria), stems originally from the town Kirn in the Rhineland-Palatinate. His father Hans Grueninger († about 1570) was citizen in Kirn and married Dorothea Heppenheimer before 1555. He is the progenitor of the Grueninger family of Welzheim. His grandson Johann Albrecht Grueninger (*1621, †1702) was schoolmaster in Vienna and Welzheim. His descendants branch amongst others out to Heerberg and Sulzbach close to Laufen a. Kocher, as well as in the 18th century to the United States of America with the surname "Gruninger".

The Groeninger Family of Kuchen
Progenitor of the Groeninger (Groninger) family of Kuchen in the district of Goeppingen is Hans Groeninger (*1534) with his wife Christina Fuerssler and his two sons Paulus (†1619) and Peter (* um 1554). The descendants of Leonhard Groninger (*1726) from Kuchen - who emmigrated in 1749 on the ship "Lydia" to Pennsylvania (USA) - moved first to Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and finally to Missouri. The variations to the surname are amongst others: Croninger, Chroninger, Croniger, and Kroninger.Internet Source: Ancestral Groningers of Kuchen, Württemberg, Germany
In "Hessen", Germany

The Grueninger Family of Butzbach
The final origin of the Grueninger family from Butzbach could not be clarified yet. However, presumably from a town Grueningen, where the parents of Kunz from Grueningen could have lived before they moved to Butzbach.
The family name Grueninger with all its variations - Grueningen, Greuningen, Groyninger, Gruninger might, as already mentioned above, be derived from a town Grueningen.
The ancestor "Kunz of Grueningen" is mentioned the first time on 30.09.1533 as the supreme tax-collector of Griedel, and later as the manager and farmer of the vicarage St. Markus-Church. This charge was later handed down to his son Stoffel (Christoffel) and his grandchild Christoffel Henrich. One can't exclude however, that already his father (
1537/38) was appointed to this occupation and is just not mentioned. From the beginning onwards, the occupations of the Grueninger in Butzbach were farmers, blacksmith, and tanners.
Bibliography: German Genders - Volume 201
In Switzerland

Die Grueninger Family of Basel
Christian Grueninger (†1612) - cooper - became citizen of Basel in 1573. He is a progenitor of the coat of arms of the Grueninger family in Basel. It shows a silver lion in a green targe with a "Wolfsangel" (wolf's hook) as own-brand in his paw.
Bibliography: The Armorial of the City of Basel

The Grueniger Family of Steinen
occurs from the 16th century onwards also in the "March" (area). Konrad Grueniger from Steinen fell in 1386 at Sempach. The Grueninger Family from Steinen had as coat of arms a golden lion in a green shield round in base with an own-brand in his paw.
The similarity to the coat of arms of the Grueninger family of Basel is remarkable. It shows a silver lion in a green targe with a own-brand in his paw.

The Grueniger Family of Altdorf
Jakob Grueniger (Grieniger) may be the progenitor of the Grueninger family in Altdorf (canton Uri). This gender is mentioned the first time in 1487. Jakob brought presumably this gender from Germany to Altdorf. He received in 1524 land-legislation. Furthermore, an Eucharius Grueninger is mentioned before 1518 in a Yahrzeit book of Schattdorf. The coat of arms of the Grueninger family in Altdorf shows a golden lion in a red shield round in base with a own-brand in his paw (a 4 with an extended leg). Jakob Grueninger was married to Anna Scheitler and had two sons, Mathias and Baschi. Mathias Grueninger was married to Margrith Scherer. Their son Johannes Grueninger was notary and captain. He died in 1562 in the Battle of Blainville in France. His corpse was never found. The other captains were buried in the cathedral in Dreux (France).
Son of Johannes Grueninger (
1562) and Katharina of Roll was Mathias Grueninger (1621). He was also captain in France, reeve in Altdorf, and reeve in Baden from 1605 till 1607. In 1607 he was ennobled and granted arms by emperor Rudolf II.

The Grueniger Family of Altendorf
The Grueninger family of Altendorf in the region March (canton Schwyz) is not related to the Grueninger gender of the same name of Steinen. The coat of arms of the Grueninger family in Altendorf shows three stylised roses on a green three mole-hill in a white shield.
Adelheid Grueniger officiated from 1413 till 1439 the master of the cloister Fahr. In 1541, Fridli Grueniger acquired the land-legislation of the March for 20 pounds. Eleven descendants of this gender still lived in 1970 the region March (9 in Altendorf and 2 in Lachen).

The Grueniger Family of Naefels
The Grueninger Family of Naefels is an ancestral and catholic gender in the cantony of Glarus. The coat of arms of the Grueninger in Naefels shows three green clover leaves on a green three mole-hill in a blue shield.