Grueninger Family

Line of Progentitors - Anna Berta Lieb

Line of Progenitors

LIEB, Anna Berta
* Stuttgart 05.01.1887, † Tuebingen 18.03.1950
oo in Stuttgart 20.07.1909 with Heinrich Huefner
LIEB, Hermann Friedrich
master baker
* Stuttgart 25.11.1850, † Stuttgart 23.08.1921
oo in Grossheppach (Waiblingen) 29.05.1877 with Berta Wilhelmine Haecker
LIEB, Friedrich Christian Ludwig
miller in Unterriexingen, master baker in Stuttgart
* Unterriexingen 07.10.1817, † Stuttgart 28.09.1864
oo in Ossweil (Ludwigsburg) 13.11.1845 with Karoline Wilhelmine Oesterreicher
LIEB, Friedrich Wilhem David
miller in Unterriexingen
* Unterriexingen 16.01.1791, † America (Philadelphia?) 1861,
oo I. in Gebersheim (Leonberg) 28.01.1816 with Catharine Margarete Juengling
oo II. in Erligheim 03.03.1829 with Margarethe Katharine Haeberle
oo III. in Unterriexingen 22.07.1845 with Anna Maria Kachler

Notes: was declared dead by court order 26./27.08.1861 (drowned in America)
LIEB, Johann Friedrich
baker in Stuttgart, miller in Unterriexingen
* Stuttgart 01.01.1766, † Unterriexingen 18.07.1790
oo in Unterriexingen 18.09.1787 with Rosine Barbara Grau
LIEB, Johann Friedrich (Fritz)
court baker, lieutenant of the cavalry of Ludwig in Stuttgart
* Stuttgart 08.03.1737
oo in Stuttgart 23.04.1765 with Rosine Barbara Hauseisen

Notes: Takes over on June 30th 1788 the two houses in Hirschstrasse 15 in Stuttgart and bought in 1795 (or 1794) the house in Eberhardstrasse 53. His own-brand attached to the house was still visible in 1937.
LIEB, Adam Friedrich
* Stuttgart 08.01.1711, † Stuttgart 10.10.1762
oo mit Catharina Barbara Maile
LIEB, Johann Jacob
* Christophstal Sept. 1682, † Stuttgart 04.04.1764
oo I. in Stuttgart 24.09.1709 with Eva Margarethe Fehrle
oo II. in Stuttgart 12.09.1724 with Maria Christina Sack
oo III. in Stuttgart 11.03.1738 with Maria Magdalena Glock

Notes: he is the progenitor of the Lieb family of Stuttgart. He immigrated to Stuttgart on June 27th in 1709. He owned the houses nr. 355 and 362 in the "Gerichtsschreibergasse" and bought in 1740 the two houses where in 1818/19 the house "Hirschstrasse 15" was build. This house stayed in family property for 7 generations. This house next to the town-hall was knocked down in 1937 in order to make the traffic more fluent.
LIEB, Hans Georg
miller in Christophstal (today Freudenstadt)
* Freudenstadt before 02.12.1656, † Freudenstadt 29.01.1691
oo in Freudenstadt 29.10.1678 with Justine Schweickhardt
LIEB, David
innkeeper and alderman in Freudenstadt
* Freudenstadt 15.09.1625, † Freudenstadt 14.02.1675
oo I. with Katharina Woessner
oo II. in Freudenstadt 16.10.1666 with Catharina Finkbeiner
LIEB, Friedrich
"nail"-blacksmith in Christophstal
* ca. 1596, † Freudenstadt 26.11.1678
oo in Freudenstadt 16.11.1625 with Margarethe Liesinger

Notes: fell down the stairs and died at the age of 82
LIEB, Friedrich (Fritz)
"nail"-blacksmith in Christophstal
* ca. 1560, † after 1625

Notes: immigrated to Freudenstadt when this town was founded. He was godfather in 1611 and 1612. In 1605 the first "nail"-blacksmith was noted in Freudenstadt. This trade was characteristic for Freudenstadt. The raw material used were partially wires.