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ARCHIVES & INFORMATION (Baden-Wuerttemberg)
ARCHIVES in Baden-Wuerttemberg
Categories for the administrative districts (Stuttgart, Tuebingen, Karlsruhe, Freiburg): State Archives, District Archives, Archives of Towns and Communities, Church Archives, University Archives, Business Archives, Media Archives, Archives of Noble Families, and other archives
EMIGRATION DATABASE from South-West Germany
A Documentation of the Landesarchiv Baden-Wuerttemberg. If you are looking for your ancestors who might have emigrated from Baden, Wuerttemberg, or Hohenzollern into your country, you may find them in this database. It contains emigration records of the last few centuries.
National Church Archive Stuttgart
Homepage of the protestant national church in Wuerttemberg. Database of Church books available on microfilm up to 1875 which can be looked at in the archive or borrowed.The regulation to record personal birth, christening, marriage, death dates was released in the 16th century in the duekedom Wuerttemberg by duke Christoph in 1558/59.
Historical Wuerttemberg
Various information about castles, palaces, cloisters, traditions, celebrities, and culture in Wuerttemberg
ENCYCLOPAEDIA Baden-Wuerttemberg
In this regional encyclopaedia you can find catchwords and articles about important persons, cities and towns, topics and eras which are related to the history and territory of the south-western area of germany - Baden-Wuerttemberg.
GENEALOGY (general)
General genealogy, online databases, software, archives, literature, heraldry, discussion forums, regional research, organisations, emmigrations, history, noblity, homepages and accessories, serach engines, miscellaneous.
GenWiki is designed to become the main source for genealogy in German speaking areas of the world. The pages are maintained by the Society for Computergenealogy e. V.
GenWiki amends the regional pages of as well as further offers from the Society for Computergenealogy e. V.
Encyclopaedias, FAQ, templates, databases, regional research, computergenealogy, homepages, associations and Iinstitutions
The german genealogy Internet portal offers various things about genealogy. From this page you can access all these offers.
Genealogy Middle Age
This site presents a substantial overview of the genealogy of the middle ages from the German Reich up to the end of the Staufer.
Medieval Lands
A prosopography of medieval European noble and royal families.
Heritage Books – Homepage V. Weiss
Index of heritage books (family compilations of church books by location) in Central Europe
Directory of Heritage Books (GenWiki)
Directory of published heritage books (so called 'Ortsfamilienbuecher' and 'Ortssippenbuecher' respectively).
Directory of Church Record Card Indexes (GenWiki)
Directory of completed Church Record Card Indexes.
Genealogy Kunert
Tips and addresses, libraries, archives, heritage books of towns, family trees in archives, family trees, seremons of dead, computer, software
For hobbyists who want to trace their descent from ancient genealogies and nobilities below some homepages / databeses with a considerable swabian content:
The Gastel Family Database
The Andreae Family Database
Genealogical Homepage of Bernd Josef Jansen
The Rordorf Family Database
The Relatives of Raphael Ackermann (Switzerland)
Jamie Allen's Family Tree & Ancient Genealogical Allegations
International Civic Arms
Coats of arms of countries, states, provinces, towns, villages etc. around the world
Roll of Arms (Old Siebmacher)
Original historic Coats of Arms
The Zurich Roll of Arms
As far as known, the oldest original preserved roll of arms (1340). The name stems from its storage place.
Armorial of J.B. Rietstap – and its Amendments
More than 131.000 Coats of Arms.
Heraldic Atlas
More than 500 heraldic illustrations for all the terms contained in the glossary. For each heraldic figure, you can find out its name in 6 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch).
Heraldry – Homepage D. Schmitz
Internet portals and collection of links - civic arms, coats of arms, current, historical, and international rolls of arms
Roll of Arms of Franconia
Master index of coat of arms in Franconia.
SOFTWARE (Freeware)
Ahnenblatt is a great software for genealogists. It runs under Windows and is Freeware. It allows many things such as data acquisition, export/import functionalities (GEDCOM, HTML, DOC, ...), printouts of family trees, lists, posters and much more with a simple user interface.
With this software you can create maps with the distribution of surnames in the German-spoken area.
Personal Ancestral File (PAF)
Genealogy-Software of the Mormons for administration of genealogical data and export functionality into HTML.
German Middle Age - Calendar Calculator
from Dr. H. Grotefend, HTML-Version from Dr. H. Ruth